Print/Mat boxes


  • Print boxes are made with a precise to fit exact to your prints
  • They can hold up to 300 prints
  • Prints can lift easily
  • Mat Boxes make the presentation and storage of your prints ideal
  • They can hold up to 30 mats
  • Colors of mats that we offer: white or black with white frame detail
  • Prints sizes that fit to boxes: 10cmx15cm, 13cmx18cm, 15cmx21cm, 20cm25cm and 20cmx30cm
  • Available Matte Sizes: 13cmx18cm, 15cmx21cm, 20cmx25cm and 20cmx30cm


  • 12 Premium Decorative Papers
  • Mats are sold seperately
  • We offer the service  to print and assemble the mats for you.
  • Cover with an image cut out
  • or with an image wrap